Mr.Chen Xianxin joined the board of directors of Shanghai Huarui Bank

On August 16, 2015, the chairman of Shanghai Golden Construction Group Co., ltd. attended the second interim shareholders' meeting of Shanghai huarui bank in 2015 as a shareholder and supervisor.集团董事长陈贤信参加上海华瑞银行2015年第二次临时股东大会

  The conference was chaired by ling tao, chairman of huarui bank, and attended by zhu tao, President of huarui bank of Shanghai.The report summarizes the operation of the bank in the first half of the year and assigns the work for the second half of the year.The meeting also deliberated and passed the proposal of Shanghai huarui bank on the proposal for the employment of accounting firms, and confirmed the employment of accounting firms by the bank.

  After the meeting, chairman Chen xianxin also attended the strategic retreat of Shanghai huarui bank.At the meeting, zhu tao, President of the bank, made a preliminary proposal for the development strategy of the bank in his report. The shareholders, representatives of shareholders, directors, supervisors, senior executives and other participants had a heated and free discussion on the development strategy of the bank, which further unified the thinking for the future development of the bank.

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