1. National University Finance

After successfully participating in Unicom Payment and Fuyou Financial Services Co., Ltd. and launching and participating in Shanghai Guosheng Guxian Fund, the Group successfully became one of the main initiator shareholders of Shanghai Huarui Bank in 2014.

2. National Real Estate

Domestic Real Estate: The Group develops different types of projects such as office buildings, hotels, residential and exhibition centers in Beijing and Fujian, with a total development area of 360,000 square meters and a total amount of 4 billion yuan.

Overseas Real Estate: The Group invested more than 300 million US dollars (about 2 billion RMB) in the development and construction of 41-storey comprehensive residential property in Hawaii, USA, with a total floor area of 499,703 square feet and a total of 408 units. At present, sales have exceeded 60%. The property is expected to start construction in the second quarter of 2019 and is scheduled to be completed by mid-2021, laying the foundation for the Group's global development strategy and the sustainable development strategy of American real estate.

3. National University Industry

In 2008, the Group invested 1.5 billion yuan to build Sichuan Guoda Cement Co., Ltd. and sold it to China Building Materials Group after putting into operation in accordance with the guiding spirit of China's industry, and obtained a huge cash income.

The Group acquired Ningxia Xixia Jie Cement Plant at the end of 2018. Through technological renovation and industrial upgrading, the total investment is about 400 million yuan. The annual cement production capacity is expected to reach about 1.8 million tons and the annual output value is about 500 million yuan.

The Group invested in the construction of Jiaxing Huaneng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. with registered capital of 50 million yuan, covering an area of more than 100 mu, 8,000 square meters factory building, 2 5,000 square meters factory building and 1,000 square meters office building. It has become the equipment production base of the environmental protection industry of Guoda Group.

4. National University Environmental Protection

The group has the ability and technology and talent reserve to provide plant construction plan and environmental protection solution for projects such as coal-fired generating units, heat-supply units, flue gas treatment (including desulfurization, denitrification, etc.). The Group has also introduced limestone/gypsum wet desulfurization technology from German Stanmiller Engineering Co., Ltd. and wet electrostatic precipitation technology from German Environmental Protection Thermal Co., Ltd. and is expanding its business based on Jiaxing Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

5. National University Project

The National University undertakes and completes dozens of projects in the fields of energy (including electricity, oil and gas), environmental protection (including flue gas, sewage treatment), metallurgy (including mines, smelting, etc.), building materials (containing cement), petrochemical (including development, refining, etc.), municipal (including heating, water plants, sewage treatment) and so on by EPC or other means. Among them, the World Bank, ADB and foreign government loan projects in nearly 30 countries have established brilliant achievements in project contracting.